Roast Beef and Black Caviar
Product code: D013

Roast Beef and Black Caviar
Price for pcs with VAT 35,00 Kč
Total with VAT 35,00 Kč

Product description

Sandwich with roast beef slices and black caviar on deli salad, 104g.

  • Cost of packaging and delivery charges will be added to your final price.
  • Delivery charges are CZK 500,- anywhere in Prague. 
  • Packaging - we will provide packaging according to your number of chosen pieces:
    • Small box (fits approximately 14 classic or 9 extra long open sandwiches) - 15 CZK
    • Large box (fits approximately 30 classic or 20 extra long open sandwiches) - 30 CZK
  • Store at temperatures below 5°C. Consume within 12 hours.
  • For more information, including food allergy info, please call us.